Dr. Henri Beer

Founding of MAGNETO-CHEMIE B.V. by Dr. Henri Beer.

Invention and patenting of Titanium anodes with a Platinum coating.

Invention and patenting of Titanium anodes with a Ruthenium Mixed Metal Oxide coating.


Ir. Herman Jansen becomes director of MAGNETO-CHEMIE B.V.

Start of the commercial production of Titanium anodes.

Development of Titanium anodes with an Iridium Mixed Metal Oxide coating.


Commercial introduction of several newly developed anodes.


Europe's first tinplating line with Titanium anodes as main anodes is commissioned. MAGNETO-CHEMIE B.V. developed and produced the anodes.


Purchase of the specific technology for oxygen evolving anodes from ICI Ltd.


Magneto Chemie B.V. moves from the original location in the centre of Schiedam to our current location. With the new location in the industrial zone 's-Gravelandse Polder, our production capacity increased significantly.


Completion of the Deltaworks, 44 years after the big flood of 1953. The Deltaworks protect the south west of the Netherlands, most of which is under sea level, against new floods. MAGNETO-CHEMIE B.V. supplied the anodes for the cathodic protection of the dams and constructions. The corrosion protection of the submerged metal parts is one of many elements that keep the Netherlands dry.


MAGNETO-CHEMIE B.V. finalises its Quality System and receives the ISO 9002 certificate.


Development of Titanium anodes for electrochemical water softening.


Ir. Pieter Hack takes over MAGNETO-CHEMIE B.V. from Ir. Herman Jansen. Ir. Jansen remains closely related to the company as Technological Consultant.


Introduction of new coatings with longer lifetimes. As one of the first Dutch companies, MAGNETO-CHEMIE B.V. upgrades its Quality System and is rewarded a new quality certificate: NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2000.


A new name: MAGNETO-CHEMIE B.V. turns into MAGNETO special anodes B.V. The new name gives a better reflection of our business to date: The production of special anodes.


Ir. Herman Jansen

Mr. Ir. Herman J. Jansen has decided to enjoy early retirement and withdraw from his position as Technological Consultant of MAGNETO special anodes B.V.


Acquisition of Cumberland Electrochemical Ltd, Bootle, UK. As a consequence of this acquisition MAGNETO special anodes B.V. has now added the development, refurbishment, assembly and replacement of complete electrochlorination cells - mainly used for seawater electrolysis - to its well established business of development and manufacture of special anodes.


A completely new, semi-automatic etching line was commissioned in our etching shop.

This year also saw the official opening of our Sales Office in China with the name Magneto (Suzhou) Special Anodes Trading Company Limited.


MAGNETO Special Anodes B.V. celebrated its 50th birthday. In April 1957 Mr. Henri Beer founded the company MAGNETO-CHEMIE B.V. He invented the titanium anode with a platinum coating and also the titanium anode with a rthenium mixed metal oxide coating.In 2002 the Company adopted its new name.


In our coating department a new furnace has been taken into use. We have herewith significantly enlarged our production capacity.

Official opening of our anode manufacturing facilities in Suzhou, China, under the name MAGNETO special anodes (Suzhou) Co. Ltd.


One of our research in the field of wastewater treatment acquires the status EUREKA 2012. Magneto is a participant in a large EU research project Bio elektroMET.